– SiteRip (2012) [1080p] At first I thought Sex Art was a softcore site that only had women posing and stripping and occasionally masturbating, but when I dove a bit deeper, I found something a little different. The movies were like erotic stories that showcased beautiful girls in solo, lesbian and hardcore fantasy-like scenarios. All the porn is exclusive, highly stylized and pretty hot.
These original movies have titles like “Stepping-Out” “Love-Me” and “Primal” All the flicks have an original song that helps to enhance it. One video called “Art Rock” has a pop-synth tune and is the perfect complement to Malena Morgan’s opening dance. The scene goes on to give you some domination and lesbian action with redhead Ella Alexandra.
Taking a style established by Met Art and pushing it into hardcore territory, Sex Art offers an explicit view of Euro and American babes engaging not only in sex with men but with each other and renders it all in stunning 1080p HD videos.
Forget the harshness, the “take me” attitude, and replace it with, “touch me softly” frame of mind for the footage you’ll find from this new addition to the web. When opening the main membership area for this site, I immediately found they mean business when it comes to the romantic, erotic side of sexual pleasure, and they’ve done a wonderful job at projecting it. This offering gives you a euphoric feeling while examining their footage, where the destination isn’t the goal, it’s the journey itself that leaves you wanting to spend a lot of foreplay in your solo masturbation session, get to know your body, feel the things that will awaken the entire you.
There is a definite elegance to Sex Art, a soothing and yet arousing display of desire that will have you wanting to light a few candles, pour a glass of wine and break out the tissues that already have lotion added.

Clips: 95
Size: 28260 mb
Duration: 800 min
Video: 1920×1080 SCREENSHOTS
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Lexi Bloom & Malena Morgan-Stepping-Out_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan & Rilee Marks-Decadence_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan & Rilee Marks-Dreamer-II—Dreamers-Dream_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan & Rilee Marks-Private-Voyeur_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan-ArtRock_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan-Chateau_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan-Secret-Love_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan-SexArt_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan-Under-The-Elle-Tree_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Elle Alexandra & Rilee Marks-Whispers_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Hayden Hawkens & Malena Morgan-Golden_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Hayden Hawkens-Butterfly-Blue_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Lexi Bloom & Logan Pierce-My-First_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Lexi Bloom-Lexi-Luv_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Malena Morgan & Rilee Marks-American-Girls_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Malena Morgan-Dreamer_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Malena Morgan-El-Fuego-Del-Corazon_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Rilee Marks-Cellist_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Rilee Marks-Just-Us_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0413-Rilee Marks-RED_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0416-Charlotte Stokely-Stoked_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0419-Elle Alexandra & Jasmine W-Hang-The-Moon_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0421-Charlotte Stokely & Malena Morgan-The-Artist_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0426-Jasmine W-Jasmine-by-The-Sea_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0429-Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan & Rilee Marks-The-Beach-House_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0503-Giselle Leon & William Corazon-The-Expressionist_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0505-Rilee Marks-Morning-Coffee_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0510-Vanessa Cage & Tyler Nixon-Love-Me_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0512-Victoria Lawsom & Joey Brass-Primal_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0515-Charlotte Stokely & Jasmine W-Above-The-Clouds_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0517-Malena Morgan-Sex-Chair_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0521-Lexi Bloom & Rilee Marks-Mystic-Hill_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0524-Victoria Lawsom & Joey Brass-Soul-Mates_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0528-Cassie Laine-LEAU_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0531-Vanessa Cage & Tyler Nixon-SexArt-Drive_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0604-Charlotte Stokely-Ivory_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0607-Jessie Andrews & Logan Pierce-The-Rickshaw_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0611-Elle Alexandra & Lexi Bloom-By-The-Fountain_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0614-Riley Reid & William Corazon-Le-Cafe_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0618-Iwia A-Licentious_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0621-Molly Bennet & Tommy Reeves-Red-Light-District_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0625-Rilee Marks-Lazy-Sunday_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0628-Malena Morgan & Riley Reid & Tyler Nixon-The-Cove_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0702-Jessie Andrews-Enchantress_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0705-Dani Jensen & Logan Pierce-The-Gallery_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0712-Charlotte Stokely & Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan-Lingerie_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0715-Holly Michaels & William Corazon-Brothel_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0719-Jessie Andrews & Malena Morgan-Fire-Dance_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0722-Molly Bennet & Tyler Nixon-New-Love_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0726-Lexi Bloom-Me-Time_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0729-Dani Jensen & Tommy Reeves-Concierge_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0802-Dani Daniels & Malena Morgan-Cape-Town_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0805-Ella Milano & Logan Pierce-The-Score_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0809-Elle Alexandra-Roux_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0812-Lily Love & Tyler Nixon-The-Date_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0816-Dani Daniels & Holly Michaels & Jasmine W-A-Girl-Thing_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0819-Katie Jordin & Tyler Nixon-Spark-Man-Chrome-Girl_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0823-Jessie Andrews & Sophia-Vegas_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0826-Jessie Volt & Logan Pierce-Rodeo-Drive_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0830-Ashley Doll-Wedding-Day_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0902-Vanessa Cage & Van Wyld-Hollywood-Royale_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0906-Dani Jensen & Richie Calhoun-SexArt-Style_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0909-Cindy Starfall & Logan Pierce-Gypsy-Fortune_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0913-Lexi Bloom & Rilee Marks-Six_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0916-Marie McCray & Tyler Nixon-Stoned_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0920-Elaina Raye & Logan Pierce-Amor-Joven_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0923-Jasmine W & Lily Love & Malena Morgan & Richie Calhoun-At-The-Movies_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0927-Katie Jordin & Sasha Heart-Flower-Shop_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 0930-Presley Hart & Richie Calhoun-Rendezvous_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1004-Elle Alexandra & Rilee Marks-Last-Night_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1007-Jasmine W & Logan Pierce-The-Promise_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1011-Casey Calvert & Elle Alexandra-In-The-Night_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1014-Dillon Harper & Van Wyld-The-Writer_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1018-Emily J-Melancholy_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1021-Casey Calvert & Logan Pierce-White-Room_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1025-Aria Salazar & William Corazon-Prince-Of-The-Full-Moon_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1028-Marie McCray & Michael Vegas-Shangri-La_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1101-Denisa Heaven & Lein Lewis-Summertime_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1104-Elaina Raye & Tyler Nixon-White-Room-II_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1108-Iwia A & Jay Dee-So-60s_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1111-Cindy Starfall & Elle Alexandra & Marica Hase & William Corazon-Undercover-Dangerous_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1115-Hayden Hawkens & Rilee Marks-Magic_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1118-Denisa Heaven & Iwia A-Need-You_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1121-Gina Devine & Neeo-Spy-Game_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1125-Maddy OReilly & Danny Mountain-Intensify_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1129-Connie Carter & Denson Carter-Tantra-Imaginations_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1202-Cameron Canada & William Corazon-SexArt-Ink_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1206-Alisson & Martin-Shame_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1209-Marica Hase & Michael Vegas-Mizu_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1213-Mia Manarote & Thomas Lee-Draw-Me_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1216-Cindy Starfall & Malena Morgan-Release-The-Dragon_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1220-Dido A & Frida-Be-My-Slave_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1223-Jasmine W & William Corazon-Undercover-Dangerous-II_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1227-Gina Devine & Thomas Lee-El-Tango-de-Gina-Devine_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
Download 1230-Lia Lor & Giovanni Francesco-Yes_SexArt-1080p.mp4 from
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